In 1986 then real estate agent Ann Cline, envisioned a property management company in the Sequim-Port Angeles area. As she excelled in  property management service, she founded Landmark.


The Sequim and Port Angeles offices separated in 1998, as Ann sold each office to her supporters. Alice Yuhasz and Janet Stevenson purchased the Port Angeles office. Janet then an agent, became the designated broker; and Alice the office administrator.  On August 1, 2019 the Sequim and Port Angeles offices merged together due to retirement and Kaila Cruz manages the Port Angeles Office.

Market Leaders

Celebrating our 31st year in 2017, Properties by Landmark, Inc. leads the community in property management. We were awarded  2017 #1 Rental – Best of the Peninsula, Clallam County by the Peninsula Daily News!

We have several  long-term owners;  as we pride ourselves sustaining exceptional, professional relationships with those we work with and for. This has enhanced our company’s good reputation with both tenants and owners.  Our company has truly set the market for Port Angeles & Sequim property management most of the past two decades. We stay intently in tune with what the rental market will bear in the ever-changing cycles of real estate trends. With our agents combined experience, we have pioneered careers in this fascinating industry.