Learn more about the types of services we offer.

Residential Property Management

The bulk of our business is to manage residential properties. We specialize in all aspects of residential homes including single family, multi-family, and duplexes.

Our services allow our owners to enjoy a ‘hands-free’ rental property ownership. We use our experience and expertise to assist them through the maze of laws and conflicts that come along with property management:

  • We keep current with trends and cycles to maintain the most marketable rent price in an ever-changing market.
  • Our highly-trained agents are knowledgeable on legal issues of the Landlord/Tenant Law.
  • We handle professional screening for all applicants.
  • We conduct periodic inspections of the property.
  • We develop a maintenance plan which includes a team of proven, licensed contractors.
  • We handle tenant security deposit issues concisely.
  • We have dedicated agents assigned to each property; our owners deal consistently with their specific agent. This allows our agent to be uniquely sensitive to our owners’ needs and goals for their property.
  • We understand that excellent communication is a crucial part of our job. Our clients can count on professional treatment–whether owner or tenant.
  • Thorough move-in and move-out procedures protect our owners’ valuable property investment.
  • We offer clear, consistent, monthly accounting tailored to your specific needs.

Commercial Property Management

Commercial property is a totally different market than residential. Clients searching the commercial market for property are expecting to sign a longer-term lease, with a different set of goals and objectives. They are looking for a place to conduct their business, a place they can perform and manage careers.

We are keenly aware of current rates for commercial properties in each area of town, what the terms of most leases will bear, and that ‘everything is negotiable’ in the commercial market. We manage leases, maintenance, and tenant issues (just as in residential), but understand our commercial clients have different expectations and needs.

In our portfolio, we manage both single-tenant and multi-tenant commercial properties. Each and every one is different, but in every case, the choice to utilize a professional property manager grants our owners the freedom they need, and the opportunity to find a fresh perspective on how to best handle their investment as time goes on.

We also manage storage units. They, again, have a more diverse clientele than any other kind of property we manage, with very different goals. Many times, they are shorter-term tenants and need very little attention, but the financial investment is just as important and is handled as such.

Making sure that the move-in and move-out goes smoothly and that all rent is collected is a large part of this task. We are prepared to make this process as smooth as possible.

Full-time Management

Properties by Landmark, Inc. is the only full-time property management company in Port Angeles. We uniquely put our real estate knowledge to work for our owners as management specialists. Property management is not our sideline.

Professional Agents

Our agents are professionals who will treat you and your property with the utmost care, professional manner, and confidentiality. Our licensed real estate agents stay current on the laws and trends that affect our field in every aspect. The Washington State Landlord/Tenant Law is the tool we use to diligently maintain the highest standards for our clients and customers.

Diverse Portfolio

We manage both residential and commercial properties as well as storage complexes. They each have their own unique issues and should be handled accordingly. We fully understand the differences in each market and how to facilitate rental contracts to fit the terms and goals that best fit each property.